Introduction Pilon Fracture (Tibia Plafond Fracture) Edited by Eric Malickey, MD. The tibial plafond cartilage was intact without any visible defect or flap. A pilon fracture is a type of distal tibial fracture involving the tibial plafond. Summary. Footnote: (a) An illustration in the mid-sagittal plane is demonstrating the involved anterior joint capsule (circle) with associated osteophytes from the anterior tibial plafond and anterior talar neck. Five months after arthroscopy and débridement, the patient continued to have medial ankle pain, but the severity of the pain decreased. (b, c) Sagittal fluid-sensitive MR images are showing a superior talar neck (arrows) and anterior tibial osteophytes (dashed arrows) in a male with anterior ankle impingement symptoms. To find in-depth information on ankle fractures, please read Ankle Fractures (Broken Ankle).. A pilon fracture is a type of break that occurs at the bottom of the tibia (shinbone) and involves the weight-bearing surface of the ankle joint. Tibial Plafond Fractures is a topic covered in the 5-Minute Clinical Consult.. To view the entire topic, please sign in or purchase a subscription.. 5-Minute Clinical Consult (5MCC) app and website powered by Unbound Medicine helps you diagnose and manage 900+ medical conditions. This is useful in screening for osteochondral lesions, as well as other potential musculoskeletal cases of ankle… The fracture of the tibial plafond or pilon fracture is an uncommon but difficult fracture to manage. A pilon fracture, is a fracture of the distal part of the tibia, involving its articular surface at the ankle joint.Pilon fractures are caused by rotational or axial forces, mostly as a result of falls from a height or motor vehicle accidents. This article addresses pilon fractures—a specific type of fracture that occurs in the lower leg near the ankle. The type of fracture that occurs will depend on the position and rotation of the foot at the time of im … Radiographic Examination of the Ankle Bones. Fig. It is well known that post-traumatic arthritis is a common complication because of the typical severity of these fractures and intra-articular involvement. However, the talar dome was irregular, with areas of ruffled tissue. Tibial Plafond Frx: Surgical Exposure of Tibial Articular Surface - See Plafond Menu - Timing of Open Reduction: - in some cases, the fibula can be anatomically reduced along with application of … Fracture of the plafond occurs when the talus is driven into the tibia from axial compression. When Tibial Plateau Fractures Are A Pain The tibial plateau is an important weight -bearing part of the body that connects the thighbone (femur) to the shinbone via ligaments. Ankle Bones. Tibial plafond fractures are frequently associated with severe soft tissue injuries and often result in comminution of bone with disruption of the articular cartilage and subchondral bone. A Pilon fracture is a severe injury involving the ankle joint. These are considered to represent 1-10% of all lower limb fractures 6. 9.1 Anteroposterior radiograph (a) and MRI (b) demonstrating an osteochondral defect in the tibial plafond (OLTP) with a large overlying periarticular cyst Diagnosis is usually made on a CT scan or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) [2, 6]. The fracture involves the larger bone of the lower leg (tibia), and extends into the weight bearing surface of the ankle joint.