Here are ten reasons why Belgium is a great place to live: Healthcare: Medical care in Belgium is excellent overall. Average salary: £ 42,780 (GBP) Population: 231,469 The Netherlands has a favorable regime for negative income from residence (mortgage relief) compared to both Belgium and Germany. Nov 19, 2015. It's essential that you write your application in the right language, Dutch, French or German - this depends on where you choose to live and work. The campus is known as “the smartest km² in the world”, so it’s kind of a big deal. European nationals account for a significant share of the increasing number of foreigners in Belgium. If you work in one EU country but live in another and return there daily, or at least once a week, you count as a cross-border commuter under EU law (sometimes called cross-border or frontier worker).. Make sure you check: what impact working in one EU country and living in another … Belgium is part of the EU so people with citizenship of countries in the European Economic Area (EEA) can move, live and work freely in Belgium. The world of work and living arrangements isn’t what it … Browse 3 Social Work vacancies live right now in Belgium Belgium is ok to live in. It’s known for its mosaics, fresh cuisines, and culture. However, as Belgium is a compact country with great public transport links, even those working in Brussels day to day can choose to live outside the city. I work in a daily basis and my wife 2-3 days per week. I know that as a Belgian resident I will be liable for local income taxes on foreign income. Citizen Service Number (BSN) If you work in the Netherlands but live elsewhere, you must apply for a Citizen Service Number (BSN) at the municipality of Heerlen. This is followed by an interview. We live in jerez de la frontera (Spain). For contractors in this category, the process would initially entail getting a company to sponsor their work permit. Hello, Firstly thanks for forum as being such good informative. Live in Belgium and work at the Netherlands I've seen a lot of topics similar to this and wanted to see how it'd apply to my situation. What’s more, the chocolatey land of Belgium is only a 20-minute drive away. 10 Great Reasons to Become an Expat in Germany. As someone who has lived in both countries and has a Belgian wife, I think I can answer this question pretty unbiased (although I am super Dutch so yeah… there will be bias….) Belgian beer and bar snacks are a triumph of simplicity over fussiness. Why live and work in Belgium? Lots of expats live in the city, but others live in the countryside and commute in (usually by car). If you grow up in large city, life in Belgium will be horrible to you. Working in Belgium 1. The only requirement is … Formalities Are you an EU citizen? Vacature magazine, a specialist recruitment magazine in Belgium, devoted a special edition to why Belgium is such an attractive country for foreign professionals: "11x best of Belgium". I dont know of another country who send police around to check who lives in houses as a routine thing. As for transport: the bus network is extensive, plus there is a bike-share programme, taxis, and a brand new tram being built. See details below. Places like Genval or Leuven offer a great alternative to families looking for something a little different. We currently live in the UK and I plan to continue my work in the UK remotely with the occasional commute back. However, non-EU nationals would require a visa to live and work in Belgium. This means that the net income of a Netherlands resided person who earns all his income in the Netherlands, is likely higher than in the situation where the same person would earn the same income in Germany or Belgium. Cross-border commuters Coronavirus - border crossing restrictions for cross-border commuters. Yes, you can work in a Belgium based airline with your F Card. An A permit allows you to work for any employer in Belgium for an unlimited period of time. By ... the younger generation entering the workforce is eager to get international work on their resumes and require a lot less monetary ... Belgium … Live in Belgium and Work in Netherlands. terms of taxes, social security, pension etc. As an EU citizen, you have the right to move to any EU country to live, work, study, look for a job or retire. I will shortly move to Belgium with my partner for c. 18 months. The B permit is the standard form of work permit for most foreigners. If you are living in one of the following countries, you may go You can stay in another EU country for up to 3 months without registering there but you may need to report your presence. Question. If you are considering a move to Belgium you may be planning a trip to assess the suitability of living and working in Belgium. Belgium is renowned for having higher taxes than many other countries, however it is also considered the administrative heart of the European Union and also boasts an excellent standard of living making it a very attractive country to live. Here you will find practical information on living and working in Belgium. Belgium costs $3,068 per month to live and work remotely. The other information is stated in the preceding comment.