Riefa is very flexible and can be used for sedum roofs for sheds or your home. There is no such thing as a 'no' maintenance roof, green or otherwise. Our care programmes consist of: Hand removal of all invasive species; Moss treatment where … While some green roofs may be fairly self-sustaining and require little maintenance there is still some regular maintenance required to keep the green roof as a system working to it’s fullest. This includes removing weeds carried by the wind and applying fertilizer several times a year. The shallower, extensive varieties of green roofs are usually designed to have relatively simple maintenance requirements.This is not to say that they can just be left, however. Maintenance for a living roof needs to be considered from the outset. Every roof matters. An extensive green roof is almost maintenance free. ecospaces designs, installs and maintains green roofs that incorporate innovative technologies such as solar panels, beehives, butterfly habitats and water features - in an effort to increase biodiversity and sustainability in urban areas.. Get a Quote Now. The Advanced Green Roof Maintenance course manual examines the planning and implementation of maintenance of green roofs. The extent of maintenance depends on the design, the plant selection, the depth of growing medium, the roof’s exposure and the weather. The owner should understand that a green roof requires routine landscape maintenance, which can vary from occasional to regular and can add a significant ongoing cost. Extensive green roofs are basically a light 2" tall cover of shallow-rooted, hardy alpine plants such as sedums, which require minimal maintenance. Get in touch There is however, a common misconception that green roofs are self-sustaining so do not require maintenance. Green roofs can can help with many of the consequences of climate change but they need to be in good health to do so, and many simply aren’t even close >>> Our planet doesn’t have time for failing green roofs. In our experience the main reason a green roof fails or does not perform at its optimum is due to lack of maintenance. After the first two years, when the roof is well established, you may wish to review your maintenance requirements. Amendment needs vary depending on the site conditions, plant material, local conditions, etc.We highly recommend getting the media tested to understand what the nutrient needs of your green roof are before adding amendments. All of our operatives are fully trained and experienced in every aspect of installations for Green Roofs, Blue Roofs, Solar and other structures, as well as ongoing maintenance. Riverbend Greenroofs produces the LiveRoof® hybrid modular system for Virginia, North Carolina, Washington D.C., Maryland, Delaware, and parts of South Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. A sustainable company creating stunning green roofs & engaging projects . Green Roofs, like all gardens, require some amount of maintenance and, like gardens, the type of green roof you have will determine the amount of maintenance it needs. This is not the case, green roofs require maintenance at least twice a year, which according to the HSE is frequent activity. Safe Maintenance of Green Roofs. Green roof maintenance activities largely focus on maintaining drainage capacity and the health of vegetation. Green roof care offers that chance to take a ‘stitch in time saves nine’ approach to your property: investing in skilled green roof maintenance can help catch problems with loose or broken tiles, cracked pipes or render for example, before they become more serious, potentially saving thousands on more substantial interventions. A common misconception with green roofs, especially extensive ones, is that they require no maintenance. Maintaining your green roof. Green roof and aligned industries and those with an interest in green roof management and maintenance including designers, construction, building owners and managers, developers, planners, landscape maintenance personnel, sustainability professionals, horticulturalists and nursery industry. Green Roof Guidelines,Green Roof Guidelines. And with landscaping, it all depends on what species of plants you have up there,” explains Shaw. Many green roof system warranties are tied to performing maintenance and filing reports. GREEN ROOF PRODUCT SOLUTIONS GREEN ROOF MAINTENANCE SOLUTIONS. This course manual includes detailed information on developing maintenance plans, contracts, and inspection reports that work in comply with warranty requirements. The Green Roof Maintenance Company create bespoke maintenance programmes for each Green Roof that we survey and tailor each visit according to what each Green Roof requires. Extensive green roofs typically don’t require built-in irrigation systems in most regions. You will not damage the plants by walking on them when conducting this maintenance. Green roof maintenance is particularly important during the first five years after green roof installation to ensure vegetation becomes well established. But your roof garden will always need a little maintenance. Get answers to common green roofing questions and see why Riefa ® Board is the only sensible choice when it comes to improving your own property with a simple to install, low maintenance green roof. The option to specify a substrate system allows for a wider variety of vegetation to be chosen. Watering. Green roofs are not maintenance free, and while intensive green roofs require as much care as any landscape on the ground, extensive roofs also need periodic tending. Intensive green roofs feature a wide variety of vegetation, including trees, making them much heavier in weight and more maintenance-intensive. Learn more To have a Green roof goes a long way in making the structure a great deal cooler, via absorption of solar heat. PROJECTS + … Extensive Green Roof Maintenance. In the United States, green roof costs -including everything from waterproofing to plants -tend to range from $18 to $25 per square foot, depending on how intensive the system is. Without proper maintenance a green roof has no chance of thriving and looking its best. PDF Downloads. How do you maintain a green roof garden? Green roof maintenance is generally a very simple process. In order to benefit from the full potential of your Green Roof, it is important to ensure that regular maintenance is carried out. Intensive green roofs will require much more time and effort than extensive ones. How much maintenance does a green roof require? With 19 years of industry experience, we keep up to date with the best products on the market. “A green roof is landscaping; it just happens to be up off the ground instead of down on the ground. Semi-intensive: This system requires some maintenance from time to time.These green roof systems lie between the extensive and the intensive, and usually include a mix of plant types. The garden element of the roof will need to be watered regularly (though some designs will have an automated system). There is even serious threat of long term damage to the underlying roofing materials when maintenance is neglected. Maintenance is also important to consider when designing a green roof. The frequency and level of maintenance of the Green Roof is down to the discretion of the client/building owner and the plant appearance they wish to maintain. Once the vegetation is well established (i.e. Green Roof Maintenance Quote “ Our historic building now has a state of the art vegetative roof system for the past four years, Sempergreen Services has consistently provided top-quality green roof care to it, ensuring it lasts for generations to come. Ultimately, maintenance keeps your green roof alive and well, looking good and performing as it should. Green roof media will need to be amended from time to time in order to maintain a healthy green roof. Maintenance of a Green roof is what makes a good-looking garden, in addition to augmenting the life span of the membrane to a large extent. A diligent maintenance schedule is a principal we take very seriously. Proactive maintenance will always be best. To ensure the long term success of your green roof, certain procedures must take place. Green roof systems are typically designed using hardy, drought-resistant varieties that can thrive in a harsh roof top environment. It is recommended that the first 5 years of maintenance are included in the installation contract. While do-it-yourself kits have hit the market, developing a sustainable green roof usually calls for a landscape architect or designer specializing in the field — someone who knows the structural demands, assembly systems, drainage, local conditions, plants, and maintenance.